<p>My new office</p>

June 18, 2012

<p>When Mark asked why I'd brought my camera to the disc-golf course, I told him it was a new project — to take a picture of each day. "So," he asked me, "is this what retirement is like?"</p>

June 19, 2012

<p>I bid a sad farewell to Chewbacca today. Best damn couch I've ever had. But I suppose domestic harmony outweighs the ability to nap in a fully outstretched position. I suppose.</p>

June 20, 2012

<p>My folks showed up in nearly matching T-shirts. (They were also both wearing khaki cargo shorts.) They swear they didn't plan it.</p>

June 21, 2012

<p>My father telling the funniest story anyone's ever heard. Me fighting the urge to throw up. (Pure coincidence. Stomach flu.)</p>

June 22, 2012

<p>Nothing worse than being fenced out of a winery.</p>

June 23, 2012

<p>Graffiti left in north Spokane: "I saw her beautiful eyes here." I've been thinking about a project where users could map little microstories like this to specific places on a map.</p>

June 24, 2012

<p>Hello, summer.</p>

June 25, 2012

<p>Illegal maneuvers in the dark</p>

June 26, 2012

<p>Karli admits that sometimes she, too, finds herself wasting hours of her afternoons watching <em>Law and Order</em>. What a relief.</p>

June 27, 2012

<p>Hard to do justice to the enormity of Hell's Canyon</p>

June 28, 2012

<p>Boise pulls off what Spokane's been trying to do for years.</p>

June 29, 2012

<p>How sick of this movie are the clerks at this Boise candy store?</p>

June 30, 2012

<p>Windmills may not be the most efficient source of energy, but they sure are pretty.</p>

July 1, 2012

<p>Someone needs to grease the hinges on this swing. L almost got stuck up there.</p>

July 2, 2012

<p>My favorite evening activity this summer. Aside from drinking.</p>

July 3, 2012

<p>No carries. Rimjobs count. Watch for the short game.</p>

July 4, 2012

<p>Just a man and his (neighbor's) cat on a summer's eve</p>

July 5, 2012

<p>I'm getting the stripes down. Still working on the Wrigley Field-style crosshatch.</p>

July 6, 2012

<p>One of my favorite spots on the river</p>

July 7, 2012

<p>I just can't. I hear my dad's voice: the story about the college daredevil who jumped the falls and landed in a wheelchair. He might have made it up, but still.</p>

July 8, 2012

<p>Found my old flash. (And my old shark mask.)</p>

July 9, 2012

<p>Peach sun tea as a peace offering to the neighbors (you know, for the front-yard chair installation)</p>

July 10, 2012

<p>The only thing keeping me alive right now</p>

July 11, 2012

<p>This train trip was a good example of everything that's wrong with Amtrak (and passenger rail in the U.S. in general), but this one moment — sitting in a cozy booth, eating breakfast, and watching the countryside wash past — almost made the whole trip worth it. Nothing like it.</p>

July 12, 2012

<p>Fishing, swimming, and sunbathing in an industrial slough as tow boats trudged past. A reminder of why Portland is still "Port Land."</p>

July 13, 2012

<p>I'd never seen the groom bust even the slightest move before, but he was magic on the dance floor tonight.</p>

July 14, 2012

<p>Never too cool to pull over and check out Multnomah Falls</p>

July 15, 2012

<p>I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday.</p>

July 16, 2012

<p>Maybe it's being 32, or maybe it's never having taken Jay Buhner up on one of his famous Buhner Buzz Cut Nights. Whatever the case, it had to happen.</p>

July 17, 2012

<p>No intended connection to yesterday's picture, believe it or not.</p>

July 18, 2012

<p>I want to be this kid's official, dedicated paparazzo.</p>

July 19, 2012