About This Site

In June of 2012, I left a steady, secure, decent-paying, insurance-included job I'd worked with relative satisfaction for over eight years to leap into the unknown world of freelance.

It wasn't pretty at first. The unstructured hours, the lack of immediacy, the absence of a tyrannical boss whose demands would keep me up at night — it all left me feeling motivated.

So, inspired by Jonathan Harris, I picked up a camera. I'd fancied myself a shutterbug when I was young, running the dark room at the high school newspaper office. I gave up sometime in college, when pack after pack of fuzzy, washed-out prints convinced me that I just didn't have the skills to bring to life what I saw through the viewfinder. But my new life offered the perfect opportunity to try again — to document what was happening to me, to get me out of the house, to take advantage of the wonderfully brief feedback loop of modern digital photography, and to slip another tool into my multimedia toolset.

From June 18 of 2012 to June 18 of 2013, I took a picture every day. Of something. Of anything. Some days, of nothing. The challenge pushed me to see things anew — at a time when I needed that most. And the result is a chronicle of a surprising, adventurous year, from Spokane to Santa Barbara to southern Italy and back.

The Technical Background

This site was built by hand using HTML5 and CSS3, optimized for phone users and with an eye for progressive enhancement. Each picture's caption, date, and image path is stored in a MySQL database, which is accessed via PHP. Users with Javascript enabled can take advantage of a handmade AJAX method that pulls additional photos as the user scrolls, creating the so-called "infinite scroll" effect.

Both the static PHP layout of the page and the AJAX method rely on an interesting Javascript plugin called Picturefill, which looks ahead to the (possibly) imminent picture element, loading a mobile image by default and then filling in a larger image when it senses a larger browser size. (My hat is off to Scott Jehl.)

About Me

I'm a multimedia tinkerer with nine years of journalism experience. I write stories, take pictures, record music, and spend long nights at my dining room table coming up with web solutions for everyday problems. Learn more.